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Abstract Submission AGU 2017 - Sessione tematica "Evolution of Marginal Basins"

Segnaliamo la sessione tematica "Evolution of Marginal Basins: Rifting Dynamics, Mid-Ocean Ridge Evolution, and Oceanic Circulation" al prossimo AGU Fall meeting (New Orleans, 11-15 dicembre 2017). La sessione sarà dedicata in particolare ai risultati scientifici dei leg IOPD nel Mare Cinese meridionale (Exp. 349, 367, 368).


La scadenza per la sottomissione degli abstract è il 2 Agosto 2017.


Di seguito maggiori dettagli e il messaggio di Chiara Lupi (Università di Pavia).

Evolution of Marginal Basins: Rifting Dynamics, Mid-Ocean Ridge Evolution, and Oceanic Circulation


Session ID#: 25811

Session Description:
Marginal basins develop at the frontier between continents and oceans, or within oceanic plates, through the tearing of continental lithosphere or volcanic arc terrains. The South China Sea is an excellent natural laboratory to study the processes creating these miniature oceans at the junction of major plates: lithospheric stretching, mantle melting, spreading and oceanic circulation. It has recently witnessed extensive geophysical and oceanographic surveys, as well as IODP expeditions (349, 367 and 368). This special session will be the opportunity to present results and enhance collaborations about these investigations in different marginal basins, and students are encouraged to present their work. We welcome contributions showing how marginal basins evolved and how the sedimentation and ocean circulation responded to tectonic evolution. The presentations may focus on geological, geodynamic, sedimentary or oceanography processes. We especially welcome comprehensive or comparative researches in other Pacific or Mediterranean marginal basins or on other continental margins.


Primary Convener:

Anne Briais, Observatory Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse, France.


Zhifei Liu, Tongji University, State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Shanghai, China, Zhen Sun, SCSIO South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China and Claudia Lupi, University of Pavia, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Pavia, Italy.

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