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Rend. Online Soc. Geol. It., Vol. 30 (2014) - (DOI 10.3301/ROL.2014.06)

Landslide monitoring with an integrated platform: methodology, design and case study

Simone Frigerio (a), Luca Schenato (a), Giulia Bossi (a), Marco Cavalli (a), Stefano Crema (a), Matteo Mantovani (a), Gianluca Marcato (a) & Alessandro Pasuto (a)

(a) Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection, Italian National Research Council, Corso Stati Uniti, 4 - 35127 Padova, Italy. E-mail:


Landslide monitoring is usually linked to a complex physical system with several parameters and uncertainties. Different instruments are located and set up on field, but a simple, continuous and efficient integration is compulsory for an acceptable warning support.

The South-East flank of Mount Carega (Eastern Italian Alps) is affected by a complex landslide that, since 1985, is threatening Recoaro Terme. After the last re-activation on November 2010 (637 mm of intense rainfall recorded in the 12 days prior the event), a mass of approximately 320.000 m3 detached from the flank of Mount Carega and evolved into a fast debris flow that ran for about 4 km along the stream bed.

A real-time monitoring system was required to detect early indication of rapid movements, potentially saving lives and property. A web-based platform for automatic and continuous monitoring was designed as a first step in the implementation of an early-warning system. Measurements collected by the automated geotechnical and topographic instrumentation, deployed over the landslide body, are gathered in a central acquisition unit. After the calibration process, data are transmitted by web services on a local server, where graphs, maps, reports and alert announcement are automatically generated and updated. All the processed information is available by web browser with different access rights.

KEY WORDS: Landslide monitoring, Debris flow, Early-Warning System, Web Platform.

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