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Rend. Online Soc. Geol. It., Vol. 30 (2014) - (DOI 10.3301/ROL.2014.07)

Integrating data sources for 3D modeling: the Italian activity in the GeoMol Project

Francesco E. Maesano (a) & The Italian GeoMol Team (b)

(a) ISPRA – Servizio Geologico d’Italia, Via Vitaliano Brancati 48, Roma Email:

(b) Alessandro Cagnoni (Regione Lombardia, Milano) Chiara D’Ambrogi (ISPRA – Servizio Geologico d’Italia); Fabio Carlo Molinari (Regione Emilia Romagna, Bologna)

Edoardo Monesi (CNR IGAG, Roma) Andrea Piccin (Regione Lombardia, Milano) Giancarlo Scardia (CNR IGAG, Roma)

The GeoMol Project focuses on the realization of 3D geological models of the Alpine Foreland Basins to support the assessment of subsurface potentials (geothermal energy, underground storage, groundwater, etc.).

GeoMol will provide consistent 3-dimensional subsurface information based on a transnational workflow for 3D models production, coherent evaluation methods, and commonly developed criteria and guidelines.

These data will be used to implement a 3D geological framework model and conceptual workflows for geo-potential assessment.

The main challenge is to integrate data that come in a different domain of the vertical axis, specifically depth for well logs, time for seismic lines, isobaths and isopachs maps in both the domains.

The approach proposed by the GeoMol Project will highlight the possible problems in the exploitation of the geopotential related to concurrent use of subsurface and to the presence of potential active faults.

KEY WORDS: 3D modeling, foredeep basin, geopotentials, Po Plain.

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