Congresso SIMP-SGI-SOGEI 2019 - Call for abstract Sessione 'P9 Isotopic tracers and timing of dynamic evolution of subduction zone settings'

Società Geologica Italiana

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we would like to draw your attention to our session (P9. Isotopic tracers and timing of dynamic evolution of subduction zone settings) at the SIMP-SGI-SOGEI conference "Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell'uomo: Le geoscienze fra passato e futuro" (Parma, 16-19 settembre 2019;

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P9. Isotopic tracers and timing of dynamic evolution of subduction zone settings
Conveners: Enrico Cannaò (UNIMI), Martina Casalini (UNIFI), Federico Farina (UNIMI)

Keynote speaker: Tim Elliott (Uni. Bristol) - New Honorary Fellow SIMP

The understanding of the geochemical interaction between Earth's major reservoirs is a key topic to unravel the evolution of our planet. Among the geodynamic settings, subduction zones represent the site where intense fluid/melt-mediated mass transfer occurs with major implications for the refertilization of mantle domains and the onset of arc magmatism. The application of radiogenic and stable isotopes (both traditional and non-traditional) to subduction-related products represents a fundamental tool to investigate the processes occurring at subduction zones. In fact, isotopic signatures i) can be used as highly sensitive tracers of subduction component involvement (i.e., revealing the nature of subducted components but also providing useful estimations of recycled volumes) and ii) are able to constrain the time-scale of processes occurring within the mantle concerning the formation of magmas at depth and their storage within upper crust and allowing the reconstruction of the P-T-time-fluid path in subduction. In this light, subduction zones represent the perfect natural laboratory to understand the process of crustal recycling, magma formation but also timing and duration of subduction-related processes. This session aims to integrate geochemical and isotopic studies on subduction-related materials to explore the major processes governing the geochemical refertilization of the mantle but also the time-scale of magma formation, storage and evolution as well as the reconstruction of P-T-time path.