Medaglia Capellini

Regolamento (Approvato dal Consiglio direttivo della S.G.I. del 21 luglio 2021)

Article 1

The Società Geologica Italiana establishes the International biennial prize "Medaglia Capellini" in memory of Giovanni Capellini, co-founder and five times President of the Society.
The "Medaglia" will be awarded to an international geoscientist who, with his/her scientific production, contributed to the advancement of the knowledge in topics related to the geosciences of Italy and surrounding seas.

Article 2

The award consists of a Medal and a motivation, published in the Albo d'oro of the Società Geologica Italiana. The announcement of the winner takes place during the National Congress of the Società Geologica Italiana in the year of the assignment. The winner will receive the membership to the Società Geologica Italiana for the year following the prize assignment, or the renewal if already a member.

Article 3

The deadline for submitting letters of nomination is the last Consiglio Direttivo before the National Congress of the Società Geologica Italiana in the year of the assignment. The nomination letter must summarize and document the candidate's contribution, and include the curriculum vitae and bibliography with the list of scientific papers on Italian geology authored/co-authored by the candidate. The nomination letter must be signed by three proponents, members of Società Geologica Italiana.

Article 4

The Prize is conferred by an Evaluation Panel appointed by a resolution of the Consiglio Direttivo in the first meeting of the year in which the award is conferred. The Evaluation Panel is composed of four members of the Società Geologica Italiana and by the President, or his/her delegate, who will chair it. The proponents of the nomination letters will not be able to be part of the Panel.

Article 5

The winner of the "Medaglia" will be invited to submit a review article of his/her research on the Italian Journal of Geosciences soon after receiving the award and to present it during an event of the Società Geologica Italiana.