Best Geological Map Award - "Emilio Cortese"


Approved by the SGI Advisory Board meeting of November 30, 2018

Article 1 - Award

The Award intends to promote and support the geological field survey and mapping activities of Italian and foreign students. The Geological Society of Italy will assign the Award during its National Congress. The Award is biennial and includes two categories: 1) Undergraduate students, 2) PhD students and post-doc. The geological maps submitted to the Award competition will be exposed in a dedicated poster session during the Congress of the Geological Society of Italy. The Award is entitled to Emilio Cortese.

Article 2 – Prize

The Award is conferred to the author/authors of the best geological map, one for each category, by the President of the Geological Society of Italy during the Congress. The winners will receive a Certificate with motivation and their names will be added to the "Albo d'Oro of the Emilio Cortese Award" published on the Geological Society of Italy website. The winners will receive the membership to the Geological Society of Italy for the year following the award assignment, or the renewal if already members. The announcement is issued by the Geological Society during the first Consiglio Direttivo of the year of Award allocation.

Article 3 - Candidates

The participation is open to individual or group (maximum 4 people) of authors who made geological maps that follow the rules set forth in Article 6. All authors must be undergraduate or PhD students (according to the participation category) or they have concluded their studies not earlier than two years before the date of the Congress.

Article 4 - Evaluation panel

The commission for the Geological Society of Italy Awards proposes the experts for the Evaluation panel, they are approved by a resolution of the Consiglio Direttivo in the first meeting of the year in which the Award is conferred. The Evaluation Panel is composed by 5 members. In order to allow a wide and multidisciplinary evaluation of all the elements constituting the geological maps, the Evaluation Panel is composed by a field geologist of the Geological Survey of Italy and by experts in geological mapping for each of the following disciplines: stratigraphic geology, structural geology, Quaternary geology, petrography or volcanology. The Evaluation Panel will collectively designate the best maps, one for each category, by drawing up the motivations. The judgment of the Evaluation Panel is unappealable.

Article 5 - Evaluation of the geological maps

The Evaluation Panel will take into account, with overall judgment, the scientific content and the cartographic representation, if they meet the criteria defined in Article 6. The use of the standards foreseen by the "Quaderni" of the Geological Survey of Italy "Series III" ( will be positively considered.

Article 6 - Judging criteria

Submitted geologic maps must include the following elements, that sufficiently illustrate the geology of the area mapped:
a clear and legible base (included base map credit and map projection); scale and contour interval; North arrow and magnetic declination; title, authorship, scale of the representation and of the field survey (if different), and date; field data or field data stations (strike and dip, coring stations, GPS control stations, etc.); legend with description of map units and explanation of map symbols; at least one cross section and a correlation scheme of map units. Submitted geological maps should be at a scale between 1:5,000 and 1:25,000. However, 1:25,000 to 1:50,000 scales are acceptable, in special and motivated cases.

Article 7 - Grounds for exclusion

Geological maps already published on scientific reviews will not be admitted. Moreover will not be eligible and will not be judged the following map types: structure contour maps, isopach maps, paleogeographic maps, geomorphological maps, hydrogeological maps, gravity or magnetic anomaly maps, and element-distribution geochemical maps. Reconnaissance geologic maps are not acceptable.