Prize "Quintino Sella for the History of Geosciences" in honor of Nicoletta Morello and Bruno Accordi


Approved by the SGI Advisory Board meeting of 21 July 2021.

Article 1

The Società Geologica Italiana establishes the biennial Prize "Quintino Sella for the History of Geosciences" – in honor of Nicoletta Morello and Bruno Accordi. The Prize is intended to recognize and encourage the activity of young researchers in the field of the History of Geosciences.

Article 2

Young researchers, under the age of 35 at the deadline for the submission of the works foreseen in the call, are admitted to the Prize, excluding tenured university professors.

Article 3

The Prize is conferred to a researcher presenting a scientific paper in the field of the History of Geosciences (as author or co-author), published in the two years before the call, in Italian or English language.
The main criteria for evaluation will be:
- scientific accuracy of the methodologies used in the paper presented;
- originality, innovativeness, and relevance of the paper in the context of the specific literature;
- overall Curriculum Vitae of the candidate within the topic of the award and particular attention to his/her contribution to the History of Geoscience.

Article 4

The Prize, sponsored by the Banca Sella, consists of € 2.000. The winner will receive the membership to the Società Geologica Italiana for the year following the prize assignment, or the renewal if already a member.
The winner cannot participate in the prize in the following edition. Already awarded scientific papers are not admitted. The Prize is indivisible.

Article 5

The Prize is conferred by an Evaluation Panel composed of 4 members of the Società Geologica Italiana (the President of the Società Geologica Italiana, or his/her delegate, 3 members proposed by the Gruppo di Coordinamento of the Section of History of Geosciences) and 1 member designated by the Fondazione Sella or Banca Sella.
The Evaluation Panel is appointed by the Consiglio Direttivo of the Società Geologica Italiana, in the first meeting of the year in which the Prize is conferred.
The Evaluation Panel must draw up a report containing a judgment of the scientific papers submitted by the participants, with the motivated proposal for the awarding of the Prize.
The report is published among the documents of the Società Geologica Italiana.
The judgment of the Evaluation Panel is unappealable.

Article 6

The announcement of the winner usually takes place during the National Congress of the Società Geologica Italiana in the year of the assignment.

Article 7

If the Prize is not awarded, its amount will increase the special Fund of the Società Geologica Italiana named after Quintino Sella.

Article 8

The competition announcement is issued by the Società Geologica Italiana during the first Consiglio Direttivo of the year in which the Prize is conferred.
Other details will be illustrated in the Prize announcement.

Article 9

The application form must be submitted according to the format available on the Società Geologica Italiana website.
The following documents must be attached to the application:
1. the pdf file of the scientific paper presented for the competition;
2. the curriculum vitae with the list of any other publications of the candidate.