Workshop - What is wrong with carbonates?


Società Geologica Italiana

14-15 May 2018 - h 14:00
Sapienza Università di Roma,
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra,
Aula Lucchesi

Lecturer: Luis Pomar (University of the Balearic Islands)

Are carbonate sedimentologists wrong?
Are the current models wrong? Are they both wrong?
Why are carbonates so difficult to predict?

Carbonates are born, not made

So what? This is a concluding sentence. Does it help?
What should be in the know is: how was produced, what was produced, where was produced, where was accumulated and when was produced

1. INTRO: Carbonates: the what, where, when and how
2. The WHAT & the HOW: Carbonates and photosynthesis, carbonate production modes (induced, influenced and controlled)
3. The WHERE 1: Types of carbonate platforms
4. The WHERE 2: Boundary layers
5. The WHEN: Carbonate factories through the Earth History
6. The HOW: Architecture of carbonate platforms
7. SO WHAT: Why do Carbonates Systems buck the trends of Sequence Stratigraphic Models?

Limited of 50 partecipants (no fees)

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