Structural Geology School G. Pialli 2018 - Formation, deformation and geo-resources of sedimentary basins


Società Geologica Italiana

by François ROURE
Senior Geoscience advisor (Directeur Expert) at IFP-EN
Extraordinary professor of IFP-EN at the University of Utrecht

September 18-21, 2018
Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia, Università di Perugia, Perugia, Italy,

18 september 2018
MORNING - Lithosphere/asthenosphere characteristics and global dynamics. Mantle tomography and deep controls on lithosphere

AFTERNOON - Deep seismic soundings and crustal architecture. Velocity models and depth conversion of seismic profiles. From rifts to orogens: the Wilson cycle. Case studies and exercises on selected deep seismic profiles (Ecors Pyrenees, Cocorp, Dekorp, SWAT, CROP, . . . )

19 september 2018
MORNING - Structural styles in extensional basins, normal faults, listric faults, drag syncline, roll-over. Salt tectonics. Case studies and exercises on seismic profiles

AFTERNOON - Structural styles in compressional basins, ramp anticline, flat-ramp systems. Positive and negative tectonic inversions. Structural styles in transpressional and transtensional basins. Case studies and exercises on seismic profiles

20 september 2018
MORNING - Sand box experiments in extensional and compressional systems (movies). Sand box experiments for salt tectonics and lithosphere/asthenosphere dynamics. Numerical models of mantle and lithosphere dynamics.

AFTERNOON - Balanced cross-sections, reconstruction of past architecture of extensional and compressional systems. Back-stripping and reconstruction of burial curves. Forward kinematic modeling in extensional and compressional systems

21 september 2018
MORNING - Thermicity of the lithosphere and sedimentary basins. Paleothermometers, Paleobarometers, Ro, Tmax, Fluid inclusions, Apatite Fission Tracks, Thermal modeling. Case studies

AFTERNOON - TOC, types and maturation of organic matter/kerogen, kinetics. Coupled thermal and 1/2D petroleum modeling (maturity). Sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, compaction, diagenesis. Fluid flow, fluid-rocks interactions, open versus closed systems, lithostatic versus hydrostatic pore fluid pressure, overpressures, 2/3D fluid flow and petroleum modeling (expulsion, migration, trapping).Case studies and discussions on the individual research projects of the PhDs

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