19th International Congress on the Carboniferous and Permian (XIX ICCP 2019)


Società Geologica Italiana

The XIX ICCP will be held in Cologne, July 29th–August 2nd, 2019. The congress, organized every four years, is the most important platform of exchange for all disciplines that deal with the geology and palaeontology of the Carboniferous and Permian periods.
Four days with edge-cutting scientific sessions and a mid-congress field trip will provide a broad forum and ample time for scientific presentations and discussions, bringing together established researchers and young scientists from all over the world.
After the Carboniferous-Permian congresses held in Krefeld (1971), Kraków (1998) and Utrecht (2003), the meeting finally will find its way back to central Europe. Field trips will give splendid opportunities to explore some of the most classical regions of the Carboniferous, as well as the unique Rotliegend and Zechstein facies of the central European Permian. Still, the Pennsylvanian to Permian of thePalaeotethys realm is the focus of another scenic field trip.

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