Dark biosphere


Società Geologica Italiana

28 novembre  201816.30-17.30
Via SELMI 2, Bologna

Prof. Ricardo Amils Pibernat
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Molecular Biology, Spain

Historical development of the Dark Biosphere predicted by Darwin. Methodological problems in the characterizaOon of the Dark Biosphere. Case study: the geomicrobiological characterizaOon of the Iberian Pyrite Belt subsurface, the origin of the Río Tinto.

Ricardo Amils Pibernat is Emeritus professor of the Department of Molecular Biology of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and co-founder and senior researcher of the Astrobiology Center, Madrid, Spain. Molecular ecologist
interested in extreme environments of astrobiological interest. He has been working in the characterizaGon of Río Tinto, a mineralogical and geochemical terrestrial Mars analogue, for more than thirty years.

More info on https://site.unibo.it/gea/en

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