Call for Abstracts: EGU2019 Session "New frontiers in thermal evolution of sedimentary basins: tools and applications" (SSP2.14)


Società Geologica Italiana

Dear colleagues,

it is a pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract to our EGU 2019 session that aims to solicit presentations on recent achievements in the field of thermal evolution in sedimentary basins where the most innovative approaches have been developed or adopted alongside with more traditional tools, with possible applications to solve future energy issues and old geodynamic controversies.
Invited speaker: David Muirhead (Aberdeen University)
Conveners: Sveva Corrado, Marta Gasparrini, Silvia Omodeo Salè, Andrea Schito.
At this link you find the description of the session:

The abstract deadline is 10 Jan 2019, 13:00 CET.
We hope to see you in Vienna!
Best regards,
Sveva Corrado, Marta Gasparrini, Silvia Omodeo Salè and Andrea Schito