Congresso SIMP-SGI-SOGEI 2019 - Call for abstract Sessione P23 'Orogenesis and orogenic wedges: a multiscale and multitechinique approach'


Società Geologica Italiana

sono aperte le iscrizioni per il congresso congiunto SIMP-SGI "Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell' uomo: Le geoscienze fra passato e futuro" che si terrà a Parma dal 16 al 19 settembre 2019.
Deadline sottomissione abstracts:
20 Maggio 2019 ore 19.00
Vi invitiamo cordialmente a contribuire alla sessione:
P23. Orogenesis and orogenic wedges: a multiscale and multitechinique approach
Conveners: Francesca Remitti (UNIMORE), Luca Aldega (UNIROMA), Stefano Tavani
(UNINA), Giulio Viola (UNIBO)
Orogenic systems deriving from subduction and continental collision and orogenic wedge nucleation and development are key topics of the Earth-system analysis in light of the strong and dynamic interconnection therein of, e.g., deformation, syn-tectonic sedimentation, burial, uplift, erosion, and exhumation and the consequences thereof upon large-scale climatic patterns. The release of more than 90% of the global seismic energy at convergent margins also makes these tectonic settings important natural laboratories where mass and energy flux rates can be studied at various scales.This session aims to promote stimulating discussions on subduction zones and orogenic wedges by encouraging contributions dealing with the multiscale and multitechnique study integrated over time and space of both modern and ancient subduction complexes. We aim at providing a forum for all disciplines dealing with and contributing to the better understanding of this broad theme including the seismotectonics of convergent margins. Research areas may include, but are not limited to, structural geology, basin analysis, thermo- and geo-chronology, geodynamics, petrology, geochemistry and sedimentology.
Invited Speaker: Olivier Lacombe (Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris - ISTeP )
grazie e cordiali saluti,
Luca Aldega, Francesca Remitti, Stefano Tavani, Giulio Viola