IMEKO TC - 19° International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea


Società Geologica Italiana

Dal 3 al 5 ottobre 2019 a Genova, presso il Dipartimento di Economia dell'Università di Genova, si terrà il 19° International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea e la Special session dedicata alla Geologia Marina.

Al termine della sessione sarà organizzata una visita alla Nave Oceanografica "Ammiraglio Magnaghi" della Marina Militare Italiana.

Iscrizione "one/day" alla sessione #8: si accede dalla pagina della sessione al tasto "register now" (e non dalla pagina Home)

I costi saranno:
  • 150 € per la Speaker registration (stampa extended abstract - 4-6 pagg su rivista riconosciuta scopus e Web of science, pranzo, coffee break)
  •  50 € Auditor registration (pranzo, coffee break)
 Le modalità di deposito degli abstract al sito:

Ai Geologi saranno riconosciuti i crediti formativi professionali per la giornata della sessione #8.

Special Session 8 - Metrology in Marine Geology: Applications in shallow and deep waters


Recent improvements in marine geological surveys are accounted for by the increasing use of up-to-date and reliable techniques and tools, allowing high accuracy and resolution of measurements.
The several applications in marine research, ranging from thematic cartography to environmental protection and risk reduction, as well as cultural heritage preservation, make extensive use of direct or remote surveys techniques.
The most disparate technologies currently available often need for experimental field validation.

The session aims to receive and discuss contributions in the following topics:

  • Digital Terrain Models and seabed morphology;
  • Backscatter surveys;
  • Surveys and sampling from autonomous vehicles (AUV);
  • Survey techniques and data processing for seismic stratigraphy;
  • Measurements on bottom sediments (core logs);
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) applications for monitoring the active geodynamic processes;
  • Lidar and laser scanner techniques for coastal and shallow water surveys, including drone surveys;
  • Radar measurements and web-cam application for gauging coastal dynamics;
  • Numerical and physical modeling describing or simulating the evolution of the seabed in shallow and deep waters.

Deadline and important dates at: