Petroleum Geology student contest - Call for Abstracts


Società Geologica Italiana

October 23th-25th 2019

Convento S. Maria de Piano
Calvello (Potenza)


The PETROLEUM GEOLOGY STUDENT CONTEST will be held in the beautiful town of Calvello (Potenza), in the heart of the woods of the Basilicata Region of Italy. The workshop is aimed at offering the opportunity to PhD and MSc students currently enrolled at the University, or who has just terminated their studies, to present the results of their work to an audience of academic and industrial geologists. Original research works dealing with several aspects of petroleum geology such as regional geology, basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology, seismic data acquisition/processing/interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics, reservoir modelling, fluid flow simulation, applied mineralogy, etc. will be welcome. In order to participate, all students are invited to submit an abstract not longer than 400 words (besides title, author's name, affiliation, figure captions and references) through the website: Only one figure is accepted. All contributions will be published in the Abstract Book of the Italian Geological Society.

The deadline for abstract submission is July 26th 2019.

The Scientific Committee will select eight PhD students and eight Msc students for oral and poster presentations, respectively.

All room & boarding expenses for the presenters will be kindly offered by Shell Italia E&P.

Based upon the evaluation of the Judging Committee, the best PhD and MSc student presentations will be awarded with two grants of 5,000 and 2,000 Euros, respectively, funded by Shell Italia E&P.

Registration is free. Further information will be available in a forthcoming circular, which will include details on logistics, accommodation and workshop agenda. The whole geological community is invited to attend the workshop.

Fabrizio Agosta & Sergio Longhitano

PGSC_Call for Abstracts

Alejandro Escalona – University of Stavanger
Giovanna Rizzo – Università della Basilicata
Alessandro Incarbona – Università di Palermo
Giovanni Barreca – Università di Catania
Andrea Bistacchi – Università di Milano Bicocca
Giovanni Mongelli – Università della Basilicata
Andrea Brogi – Università di Bari Juliette Lamarche – Cerege, Université de Marseille
Attilio Sulli – Università di Palermo
Marcello Tropeano – Università di Bari
David Iacopini – University of Aberdeen
Marco Patacci – University of Leeds
Davide Scrocca – IGAG-CNR
Mariano Parente – Università di Napoli Federico II
Domenico Chiarella – Royal Holloway University
Nestor Cardozo – University of Stavanger
Edoardo Perri – Università della Calabria
Nicola De Paola – University of Durham
Emanuele Tondi – Università di Camerino
Pascal Barrier – Université La Salle
Enzo Rizzo – IMAA-CNR
Rosanna Maniscalco – Università di Catania
Filippos Vallianatos – University of Athens
Stefano Tavani – Università di Napoli Federico II
Francesco Muto – Università della Calabria
Sveva Corrado – Università di Roma TRE

Alessandro Amorosi – Università di Bologna
Giacomo Prosser – Università della Basilicata
Giorgio Minelli – Università di Perugia
Luisa Sabato – Università di Bari
Sandro Conticelli – Università di Firenze
Stefano Mazzoli – Università di Napoli Federico II
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