36 IGC - Call for abstracts Session 27.6 'Structural Geology and Society - Restoration, Geothermal Energy and Hydrocarbons'


Società Geologica Italiana

Dear Colleagues,

in the frame of the next 36th International Geological Congress (https://www.36igc.org/) that will be organized in Delhi, India on 2-8 March, 2020, we are convening a session entitled "Structural Geology and Society - Restoration, Geothermal Energy and Hydrocarbons".

This symposium invites contributions dealing with the integration of various approaches which, starting from structural investigations, affect society and increase awareness in population. Contributions dedicated to a profound understanding of structural Earth system processes as well as its utilization are welcome. This may include the structural and petrophysical heterogeneity during the sustainable exploitation of geothermal resources (from low- to high temperature conditions), hydrocarbon and mineral resources exploration, subsurface sequestration, application of structural geology in study of natural hazards such as landslides, as well as the restoration and preservation of heritage sites.

Please consider submitting an abstract to session 27.6. The last date for abstract submission is 31st August, 2019.

Super early bird registration is also open now. For complete program an information about the abstract preparation and submission, please visit the congress website http://www.36igc.org/
The Conveners
Rosalda Punturo (punturo@unict.it), Domenico Liotta, Chris Hilgers, Susanta Kumar Samanta, Sandeep Bhatt