MEREMA (2nd Edition) - International School on Mantle Dynamics, 30 March- 2 April 2020


Società Geologica Italiana

Dear Colleagues,

The National Association of Petrologists (GNP) of SIMP (Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology), in collaboration with the PhD programs of the Universities of Pavia, Ferrara, Genova, Milano, Modena-Reggio Emilia and Torino is organizing an International School on Mantle Dynamics (MEREMA 2nd Edition), following the successful MEREMA Winter School 2017. 

The school will be held in Sestri Levante at the wonderful Hotel Vis à Vis (, situated along the Ligurian coast (Italy) at approximately 40 km east of Genova and close to the famous "Cinque Terre".

The MEREMA 2nd Edition is an EMU School aimed to assess the present state of knowledge on the structure, chemical differentiation and dynamics of the mantle as a whole system, acquiring information from different disciplines, mainly petrology and geophysics.

Major themes of the school will be:
    - chemical evolution and dynamics of the Earth's mantle
    - origin and length scale of chemical and isotopic mantle heterogeneities
    - transfer of heterogeneities from mantle sources to melts

The school is open to graduate and PhD students, post-docs and young researchers in Earth Sciences. The program will include poster sessions, to give the opportunity to participants to present their research work.

The maximum number of participants is 50. Selection of applicants will be made on the basis of their research topic and CV. After the pre-registration deadline (15th October 2019) selected applicants will receive an email of acceptance, in order to proceed with payment of the registration fee.

Visit our website ( for more info about the school program, registration and venue.
Contact us at or at (contact person: Elisabetta Rampone).

The Organizing Committee 

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