Young researchers in Structural geology and Tectonics (YORSGET) 2020 - Sicily 18-23 June 2020


Società Geologica Italiana

Dear Colleagues,
we are pleased to announce the third edition of Young researchers in Structural geology and Tectonics (YORSGET) 2020 - Sicily 18-23 June 2020

This 5-day meeting will provide an immersive environment for early career scientists studying tectonics and structural geology to get together in an informal setting. The meeting will involve conventional oral and poster presentations together with field excursions designed to stimulate discussion.

The island of Sicily straddles the edge of the Maghrebian thrust belt (part of the greater Alpine system) as it runs up against the "foreland" of the African continent. The thrust belt developed through the Neogene as an emergent, largely submarine system that has been elevated by late orogenic "rebound" to reveal exception syn-kinematic stratal successions. We will visit these locations to examine tectono-stratigraphic relationships and the landscape expression of faulting, folding and regional tectonic processes.

The conference will cover all fields of structural geology and tectonics, such as:

  • Field studies and techniques
  • Fault and fold systems
  • Numerical and analogue modelling
  • Microanalytical techniques
  • Effects of progressive deformation
  • Links between metamorphism and deformation
  • Tectonics and magmatism
  • Earthquakes
  • Remote sensing techniques
  • Seismic data and their interpretation
  • Geodynamics
  • Basin evolution
  • Tectono-sedimentary interactions
  • Tectonic geomorphology
  • Orogenic belts
  • Applied structural geology (e.g. resource extraction and exploration, geothermal energy, geoengineering, or CO2 sequestration)
  • Geoheritage and geoconservation
  • Integration of data and/or techniques
For  details about registration, please, refer to conference page.
Early bird registration: 15th December 2019.
We look forward to meeting you in Catania.
The Organising Commettee
Rosanna Maniscalco, Rob Butler, Rodolfo Carosi, Eugenio Fazio, Giuseppe Tortorici 
Please, visit us at:
Twitter: @yorsget