IAS Toulouse - Session CSP2.7 Coastal sediment dynamics from past to present


Società Geologica Italiana

"Coastal Sediment Dynamics from Past to Present"

Description. This session is focused on the physical aspects related with the erosive and depositional processes in various coastal environments. We suppose to cover a wide range of transitional to shallow-sea environments (i.e. beaches, barrier island systems, cliffs and coastal bluffs, deltas, sheltered bays, semi enclosed basins, coastal lagoons and marshes) analysing the role of storm-waves, tides and currents in the short and long-term morpho-sedimentary evolution of coastal areas. This session will host studies on ancient shallow-sea successions, present-day examples and numerical-analogical approaches. We encourage also interdisciplinary contributions that analyse the interactions between physical and biological processes in the sediment dynamics including the human impact on the coastal evolution.


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