Conferenza A. Rittmann 2020 - Call for abstracts Sessione S11 'Geochemical processes in hydrothermal systems'


Società Geologica Italiana

Cari tutti,
nell'ambito della prossima Conferenza A. Rittmann, che si terrà a Catania dal 12 al 14 Febbraio 2020, abbiamo proposto una sessione sui processi geochimici che avvengono nei sistemi idrotermali. Vi invito a sottomettere i vostri contributi entro il 30 Novembre 2019.
  • Marcello Liotta (INGV-PA)
  • Orlando Vaselli (UniFI)

Science may have very strong implications for people living around geothermal emissions. The knowledge of the processes occurring in hydrothermal systems represents a good opportunity for the exploitation of geothermal resources, to carry out effective monitoring programs and to take responsible decisions. This is particularly true in the field of geochemistry. Fluids circulating in hydrothermal systems play a fundamental role in determining their physical properties and provide a unique opportunity for obtaining information on processes operating at depth. In light of this, the scientific community pays particular attention to thermal fluid emissions and their variations over time. The understanding of the processes governing the chemical and isotopic composition of hydrothermal fluids is fundamental for defining effective geochemical models.

We are seeking contributions from any geochemical approach to study hydrothermal systems and geothermal resources.