Conferenza A. Rittmann 2020 - Call for abstracts Sessione S12 'Campi Flegrei: inter-disciplinary approach to the study of a high-risk caldera'


Società Geologica Italiana

Gentili colleghi,

nel ricordarvi che avete tempo fino al 30 Novembre per sottomettere un vostro contributo alla prossima conferenza A. Rittmann (Catania, 12 -14 Febbraio 2020), vi invitiamo a prendere in considerazione la sessione multidisciplinare che ha come oggetto uno dei vulcani più interessanti e pericolosi del mondo: i Campi Flegrei!

Di seguito il dettaglio della sessione:   
S12 - Campi Flegrei: inter-disciplinary approach to the study of a high-risk caldera

The Campi Flegrei caldera has been restless for decades, showing signs of activity that are hard to interpret and cannot be unequivocally ascribed to magmatic reawakening of the system. This makes it a very high risk site, as well as a very challenging scientific subject. Ongoing geochemical, petrological and geophysical studies have highlighted the need for a multi-disciplinary approach in order to provide valuable information for risk and hazard assessment. This session aims at integrating contributions that range from research on past eruptions, e.g. by means of field investigation and analyses of erupted products, to the collection and interpretation of monitoring data streams, to informed models for hazard assessment. Scientific results should also be translated into clear messages for the interested population, thus improving risk perception and societal resilience. We believe that the integration of science and societal challenges, with a specific focus on Campi Flegrei, will spark interesting discussion for the benefit of both.  

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