Final deadline approaching for submitting abstracts to the International Meeting of Sedimentolgists 2017


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Dear colleagues
we would remind that the deadline for the abstract submission is in a week (15th June)

FSD8.1 Seismic-scale fluid/sediment interactions

Conveners. Patrice IMBERT (TOTAL, FRA), Aurélien GAY (University of Montpellier 2, FRA), Rossella CAPOZZI (Università di Bologna, ITA)

Session description: more or less your core business area, i.e. fluids vs. sediment / migration / processes / etc

One privileged tool for studying fluid circulation in sedimentary basins is seismic reflection, which highlights fluid circulation-related features on scales ranging from a few meters (seep carbonates) to several kilometers (mud volcanoes, injectite complexes) or even covering vast areas of basins, like hydrate-related bottom-simulating reflections or polygonal fault systems. The session will address these issues through a combination of seismic-oriented presentations highlighting specific fluid-related features or systems, but also outcrop examples of such phenomena in the fossil record, or live examples exposed at the surface or at the seabed. Insight into the processes from analog or numerical modeling of individual objects, as well as basin modeling to replace observations in the frame of basin-scale fluid circulation should also be included.

Hoping to see you in Toulouse

Rossella, Aurelien, Patrice

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