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AAVV David Rumsey Map Collection Banca dati di raccolta di materiali didattici online relativi a campagne geologiche, attività di laboratorio, guide geologiche, seminari etc., non solo a carattere divulgativo ma anche specialistico, in italiano o in inglese, focalizzati sulla Geologia del Sedimentario e Stratigrafia.
AAVV Resources for Teachers This is a collection of selected videotaped lectures that were given at USGS facilities. All of these lectures should be suitable for viewing by the general public and upper level students (grades 8 through university). Most videos are in MP4 format and are 60-90 minutes long (60 minute lecture plus question/answer).
Geological Society of London Geological Society's 2019 Public Lecture series  One lecture per month from an eminent geologist, geoscientist or Earth scientist, held at Burlington House, London.
British Geological Survey BGS videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
European Geosciences Union EGU videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
Advancing Earth and Space Science AGU videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
U.S. Geological Survey USGS videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
American Geosciences Institute AGI videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
GNS Science New Zealand GNS Science videos Video focalizzati su varie tematiche delle Scienze della Terra.
Geologists Association The Geologists' Association Carreck Archive The Geologists' Association Carreck Archive of geological photos, which records field trips and events from the GA's earliest days to the present, is now available on the BGS Earthwise platform. View hundreds of images of famous geological localities and field-wear fashions from days gone by! 
British Geological Survey Geoscenic Geoscenic is the British Geological Survey's National Archive of Geological Photographs from many thousands of locations worldwide, most with detailed descriptions. You do not need to sign up to view, but If you create a (free) account you can assemble your own library (lightbox) of favourites and make your own virtual field trips!
The Open University Open University OpenLearn Geology Courses Free online courses via the Open University's 'OpenLearn' website.
Nine courses are available at introductory, intermediate & advanced level, with course lengths of between 8 - 30 hours.
To enrol you must create a free account.
Sedbase Depositional analogue atlas pro plan Extensive interactive atlases of modern depositional analogues
Virtual Outcrop Geology Group Lime Lime is a software developed for viewing virtual outcrops and building virtual fieldtrips that was developed by our reserach group in Bergen
Virtual Outcrop Geology Group V3Geo V3Geo is a purpose-built site specifically designed for the sharing of virtual 3D models within the geoscience community. The site includes over a hundred high quality virtual outcrop models from across the globe and is set to grow rapidly in the coming months with a wide variety of 3D geoscience data. All models on here are free to use for non-commercial teaching and research purposes.
Department of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology
Natural History Museum, University of Tartu
Estonian Museum of Natural History
Department of Geology, University of Tartu
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Soil Museum
Geological Survey of Estonia
Geoscience collections of Estonia Information about the 4.6 billion year history of the planet Earth is stored in rocks, minerals and fossils, which together form the essence of geological collections, or geocollections. A large part of geological research is based on collections and often discoveries arise from specimens once collected and stored in museums.
On the other hand, geocollections are created during geological research and need to be kept and made available as referece material.
Intewo Oman Virtual Museum of Geology The geological heritage of Oman provides for a wealth of knowledge that will be valuable in understanding geological phenomena. Oman is considered as a hot spot among international geologists and is considered an "open book" of geological and geomorphologic education. As such, Oman will be a key to understanding the world's ecosystems and plays an important role in realizing the value for long term conservation of our habitats. The unique geological features of Oman offer excellent sites to explore and demonstrate the diversity of nature and provide understanding or our planet in general.
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