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Dear Colleague,

As Guest Editors of the Special Issue below, we would like to invite you personally to submit a paper to Special Issue entitled "Structural and Metamorphic Evolutions of the Pre-Alpine Lithosphere of the Alps" for Minerals. We thought you may be interested in this Special Issue given your stimulating and interesting recent papers about the pre-Alpine geology of the Alps, and wonder if you would consider submitting your next research or review paper to this thematic issue?

Guest Editors: Manuel Roda and Jean-Marc Lardeaux
Submission deadline: 7 May 2021

The Alps represent a unique natural laboratory for studying the effect of superposed Wilson cycles. Although the Alpine collision has deeply affected the lithosphere of European and Adria plates, signatures of pre-Alpine evolution can be found in the Alps, from the periphery to the axial part of the chain. Magmatic, sedimentary, and metamorphic remnants diffusely preserved in the Alpine lithosphere have been repeatedly involved in active margin scenery since Cambro-Ordovician times. These remnants indicate a long-lasting history characterized by subduction and collision, post-collisional events, lithosphere extension, and rifting, allowing the formation and destruction of supercontinents and oceans.
The challenge is reconstructing the tectonic evolution at plate scale, starting from the small-scale structural, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary imprints preserved in the pre-Alpine relicts. Given the complexity of this trial, fundamental tools are the production of detailed structural maps, meso- and microstructural analysis, thermobarometric estimates, geochronology, and numerical modeling.
In this Special Volume of Minerals, we encourage the submission of contributions aimed at reconstructing the pre-Alpine history of the lithosphere of the Alps. Works at different scales of investigation and concerning structural and geological mapping, meso- and microstructural analyses, petrologic and metamorphic evolution, geochronologic interpretation, and numerical modeling are welcome.


  • alpine lithosphere
  • metamorphic evolutions
  • numerical modeling
  • pre-alpine history
  • structural geology
  • variscan cycle
  • variscan–alpine transition

Papers can be submitted at any time before the deadline as they will be published on an ongoing basis. Should your response be positive, we would appreciate receiving within the next month a preliminary title and in the next two months a short tentative abstract (150-200 words) describing the topic covered in your contribution.

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Since we personally inviting you, your paper will be published with *25% discount* if accepted after peer review. You may share this invitation with your team members and co-authors.

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Would you please let us know if you are planning to contribute and when you might be ready to submit? Your support is highly appreciated.

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We trust in your important contribution to enrich the petrological, geochemical, chronological and tectonic picture of the pre-Alpine lithosphere of the Alps.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Manuel Roda and Jean-Marc Lardeaux