New ArcGis-based devices


Società Geologica Italiana

Dear GIGS community, I would like to propose to your attention the following two recent open-access papers about New ArcGis-based devices for stereographic projections and for automatic grains boundary detection of rock thin-sections, useful also for fabric parameters extrapolation.
1 2021 ORTOLANO, G., D'AGOSTINO, A., PAGANO, M., VISALLI, R., ZUCALI, M., FAZIO, E., ALSOP, I., CIRRINCIONE, R., - (2021) - ArcStereoNet: A new ArcGIS® toolbox for projection and analysis of structural and microstructural data - International Journal of Geoinformation 
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2 2021 VISALLI, R., ORTOLANO, G., GODARD, G., CIRRINCIONE, R., (2021) - Micro-Fabric Analyzer (MFA): A New Semiautomated ArcGIS-Based Edge Detector for Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of Rock Thin-Sections  – International Journal of Geoinformation.
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For any questions about the possibilities of use please contact me, thank you.
Gaetano Ortolano