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su indicazione di Francesca Meneghini, si inoltra una comunicazione relativa alla sessione "P3. Disclosing the subduction factory", prevista per il 90° Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana (Trieste 14-16 Settembre, 2021). La deadline per la sottomissione dei contributi è il 28 Maggio 2021.
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Dear colleagues,
as you all know by now, the 90°Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana is confirmed as a virtual meeting from 14 to 16 September 2021 (

We are happy to invite you to submit your contribution to our session:

P3. Disclosing the subduction factory: what comes in, what goes out and what happens meanwhile. Structural evolution and minero-chemical changes.

The subduction zones are commonly described as subduction factories where various scale processes transform and recycle raw input materials from different sources, along ever-increasing P-T-strain paths down to the mantle, and return them back to the surface, through structural, geochemical and petrological transformations. Sediments, continental and oceanic lithosphere, fluids, asthenospheric mantle, along with all the related inherited structures and structural anisotropies, can be considered as input material. The outputs are all the products directly released after subduction started, but also all those remaining as witness of such process. But the subduction factory also produces trash that is recycled within the mantle, atmosphere or spread out everywhere.

In this session we want to investigate the processes that operate in present and past subduction zones, inviting all researches, from all fields, involved in: the characterization of input and output materials in modern or ancient margins, and how these materials circulate in the system; the reconstruction or modeling of active and past processes – wit the goal to stimulate a discussion aimed at bridging the gap between disciplines.

We anticipate the presence of the following contrbutions:
Keynote speaker: Laura Federico (University of Genova)

Invited speakers:
Enrico Cannaò (University of Milano)
Stefano Aretusini (INGV, Roma)

Conveners: Francesca Meneghini [University of Pisa]
Martina Casalini [University of Firenze]
Michele Zucali [University of Milano – Statale]
Francesca Remitti [University of Modena and Reggio Emilia]

The deadline for the submission of contributions is the 28th May 2021 (

Main meeting deadlines:  
• Registration payment opening: May 15, 2021  
• Abstracts submission deadline: May 28, 2021 at 7.00 pm  
• Registration deadline for excursions: June 20, 2021  
• Online program publication: July 15, 2021  
• Reduced fee pre-registration closing (EARLY): July 21, 2021  
• Registration and online payment deadline: 6 September 2021  
More detailed information on the congress is at the webpage: 
Francesca, Martina, Michele e Francesca