Last call - 'Waiting for Yorsget' participation


Società Geologica Italiana

Car* tutt*,
su segnalazione dei colleghi Rob Butler e Rodolfo Carosi, si inoltra una comunicazione riguardante l'evento "Waiting for Yorsget", simposio online rivolto ai giovani ricercatori in Geologia Strutturale e Tettonica, che si terrà il 21-22 Giugno 2021. La scadenza per la registrazione e per la sottomissione dei riassunti è molto vicina, il 30 Maggio 2021.
Un caro saluto,
La segretaria GIGS

Dear colleagues,
Deadline approaching! 
Contacts etc on website: URL below. 
This is a quick final reminder for the online virtual symposium for Young Researchers in Structural Geology and Tectonics (YORSGET). Although this community is chiefly of early career earth scientists – all are welcome!.
"Waiting for Yorsget"
21-22 June 2021, hosted online by the Italian Geological Society 
It is an event to bridge to the in-person conference (Sicily) that has been postponed to 2022. 
Waiting for Yorsget will run on two consecutive afternoons (13.40 – 17.00 CET) and revolves around two pairs of keynote talks:
Whitney Behr: "What's down there? The structures, materials and environment of deep-seated slow slip and tremor".

Haakon Fossen: "From deep continental subduction to profound orogenic stretching: The Caledonide example". 
Michele Fondriest:  "The shallow internal structure of carbonate-hosted seismogenic faults: constraints from field structural surveys and near surface geophysics".
Mary Ford: "Rethinking an orogen - a new look at the Pyrenees and how they evolved".
Each pair of presentations is followed by extensive discussion, networking and poster sessions.
Rob Butler 
(on behalf of the organizing team)