CNR-ISMAR seminar Paraskevi Nomikou, friday 18 June hr 15:00 (IT time)


Società Geologica Italiana

We are happy to announce the upcoming seminar:

18 June 2021 at 15:00 (IT time) or 16:00 (GR time) -

TITLE: Christianna-Santorini-Kolumbo rift, Greece
PROFESSOR: Paraskevi Nomikou, Dept of Geology and Geoenvironment National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

ABSTRACT: The Christiana-Santorini-Kolumbo rift in the South Aegean Sea is one of the most important volcanic fields in Europe, having produced more than 100 explosive eruptions in the last 400,000 years. It hosts volcanic centers including the extinct Christiana Volcano and associated seamounts, Santorini caldera with its intra-caldera Kameni Volcano, Kolumbo Volcano, and 25 other submarine cones of the Kolumbo chain. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, submarine mass wasting, neotectonics and gas releases from these centers pose significant geohazards to human populations and infrastructures of the eastern Mediterranean region. Recent marine-based explorations of this area have helped better define geological processes and structures that contribute to these geohazards and provide an important framework to guide future monitoring and research activities aimed at hazard mitigation

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Alessandra Conversi (Lerici), Filomena Loreto (Bologna), Gianluigi Liberti  (Roma) e Camilla Palmiotto (Bologna).