DRT 2022 Catania (Italy, 5-7 July) International Meeting - First Circular


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su indicazione del Prof. Eugenio Fazio (Università di Catania), vi segnaliamo che, dal 5 al 7 luglio 2022, si terrà a Catania il DRT (Deformation mechanisms, Rheology, and Tectonics) International Meeting. Il tema del congresso sarà "Geo-thinking the future planet: how innovations are improving traditional geoscience activities".

Per maggiori informazioni si rimanda al messaggio sottostante e alla prima circolare allegata.

Cordiali saluti,

La Segreteria

Dear friends and colleagues,
it is with great pleasure that I inform you that the biennial DRT (Deformation mechanisms, Rheology, and Tectonics) International Meeting already planned for last year, postponed due to the pandemic, will take place in Catania (Italy) on July 5th - 7th 2022, with the theme "Geo-thinking the future planet: how innovations are improving traditional geoscience activities".

For more than three decades, the DRT meeting has been one of the main forums in Europe where these different fields of study are brought together. Since its first edition, 22 DRT conferences have been organized around Europe, designed to provide a rigorous scientific basis for the understanding of rock deformation, tectonics, and microstructures.

23° DRT meeting provides a unique opportunity of bringing together specialists of all scales - from field geologists and experimentalists to theoretical modelers - to debate the problems and questions arising from natural structures and microstructures. The dialogue is encouraged on all scales of field, experimental and theoretical studies of rock deformation.

You are all invited to contribute on the topics you will find in the first circular posted on the European DRT Society website at the following weblink: http://drt-society.org/catania-2021/.

We look forward to seeing you this summer in Sicily in person, the meeting program also includes some pre- and post-conference field trips. For those who would like to go virtual (see the first circular for details of fees and deadlines), we are also planning a virtual poster session and a selection of streaming or recorded oral contributions. We look forward to receiving your abstracts (deadline 1st March 2022 - more information will be provided in the second circular).
Kind regards,
Eugenio Fazio (Secretary of the European DRT Society) on behalf of the Catania DRT2022 Organizing Committee

First circular

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