Geosciences Colloquium Roma Tre-Sapienza 2022 - Geosciences for cultural heritages: challenges and innovative methods


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su segnalazione del Prof. Fabio Trippetta (Sapienza, Università di Roma), vi segnaliamo che giovedì 26 maggio, alle ore 17:00, nell'ambito dei Geosciences Colloquium Roma Tre-Sapienza 2022, la Dottoressa Simona Raneri (CNR Pisa) terrà il webinar "Geosciences for cultural heritages: challenges and innovative methods"

Sarà possibile seguire il seminario sulla piattaforma Zoom al link:

Per maggiori informazioni si rimanda all'abstract e alla locandina scaricabile di seguito.

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In recent times, the role of hard sciences in Cultural Heritage studies has become increasingly important. In fact, many of archaeological and artistic objects "consist in" or "derive from" geomaterials, which is why geosciences can serve to explore issues of provenance, technology, and conservation. In the last decade, the use of innovative, non-invasive and non-destructive methodologies has become more and more frequent for analyzing these materials in order to obtain a complete characterization, even at micro-scale, and often without any sample preparation or moving objects from their original set. Moreover, recent developments in the field of nanotechnology opened new perspectives in the use of innovative products for the conservation and protection of Cultural Heritages. Additionally, large scale facilities are tailoring and optimizing beamlines and set-ups for Cultural Heritage, especially for the characterization of tiny and complex micro-samples which are typical from archaeological and artistic artifacts. In this speech we will explore the role of geosciences in studying Cultural Heritages and answering the most common questions posed by archaeologists, art historians, and conservators, also in the light of the most recent innovations and technological advancements.