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su indicazione del Prof. Guido Giordano (Univ. "Roma Tre"), vi segnaliamo il Bando per una borsa di Dottorato presso l'Università degli Studi "Roma Tre" che inizierà a partire dal 1 Gennaio 2024
La scadenza per le domande è fissata alle ore 14:00 del 27 Giugno 2023.

Title: Deep structure, thermo-baric and geochronological constraints of the Sabatini volcanic complex for the definition geothermal potential and associated mineralization

Background and aims 
Italy is one of the main producers of geothermal energy in Europe and in the world and has potential resources of exploitable geothermal energy to fully satisfy the internal demand. However, still poorly defined are the extent and timing of the processes responsible for the persistence of the thermal anomaly in the region and this has had consequences for the interpretation of the geothermal resource and its exploitation. The inner sector of the Apennine chain provides a natural laboratory to study how the thermal perturbation focused by magma emplacement at shallow crustal levels has been feeding a large-scale positive thermal anomaly that has resulted in the active geothermal areas distributed along the Tyrrhenian coastal sector from Tuscany to the Campania region.  
The aim of this PhD project is to provide insights on the (paleo-)thermal structure of the crustal section hosting the active geothermal fields of Italy focusing on the Sabatini geothermal area of northern Latium region. A repository of cuttings and drill-cores from deep geothermal wells (down to 3 km depth) in the study area will be made available for the project. These samples will give access to the poorly known oldest period of volcanic activity in the Sabatini area, allowing to assess the thermo-baric evolution of the geothermal reservoir and distribution of the buried intrusive bodies. This study will provide an improved understanding of the deep thermal structure of the geothermal field and how magma emplacement transferred heat and regulated hydrothermal mineralisation in the shallow crust and the geothermal resource. The results will also have implications for a better assessment of the of the geothermal reservoir and its exploitation.  
Person specification and Training 
The project would suit a student with a strong background in geology and interest in volcanology, petrography, geochemistry, and geochronology. A continuous training on methods and techniques for the study of the geothermal reservoirs will be provided, offering the possibility to acquire, in particular, strong skills in the reconstruction of the P-T-t and mineralization history in reservoir and cap rocks units.  
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Guido Giordano; Federico Rossetti; Sveva Corrado
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