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su indicazione della Prof.ssa Simonetta Cirilli (Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia, Università di Perugia) vi segnaliamo il bando relativo ad un Assegno di Ricerca annuale, nell'ambito del progetto PRIN 2022: Abrupt Lithofacies Variations IN the stratigraphic record: proxies for environmental and climate changes - ALVIN
Periodo: 1 anno
Importo: € 25.000,00
Scadenza per la presentazione delle domande: 20.2.2024
Link al bando: e nel sito MUR dei bandi

Per ogni informazione contattare: Prof. ssa Simonetta Cirilli

Title: Abrupt lithofacies variations in the stratigraphic record: proxies for environmental and climate changes

Research Topic 
In the context of modern global warming, reconstructing the past climatic history based on a robust dataset from geological archives is of great interest. Examining the sedimentary response to past climates and their fluctuations provides a unique opportunity to observe how the Earth system reacts to global disturbances of varying magnitude and origin. The project specifically focuses into the detailed characterization of major and rapid lithological changes, marking the transition between facies that record different environmental and climate conditions. The research will specifically address the following major types of climate-related events:
- Episodic and rapid deposition of siliciclastic sediments in predominantly carbonate facies.
-Episodic deposition of fine-grained sediments rich in organic matter.
- Major and abrupt changes in the nature and composition of carbonate sediments and carbonate-producing biota.
The research project will concentrate on two specific geological intervals: the end-Permian (251 My) and the end - Triassic and beginning of the Jurassic (200 My), marked by profound ecosystem crises and the continuous, global-scale presence of specific lithofacies.
The research will employ a multidisciplinary perspective, including:
-     Geological survey and facies analysis in sample areas.
-     Sedimentological and Petrographic analysis.
-     Geochemistry and organic geochemistry analysis (e.g., isotopes, major and trace elements, biomarkers).

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