Convegno Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Minerals as treasure trove for scientific discoveries


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vi segnaliamo che il 15 e 16 febbraio 2024, a partire dalle ore 14:30 presso l'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Palazzo Corsini  in Via della Lungara 10, Roma), si terrà il convegno "Minerals as treasure trove for scientific discoveries".

Minerals have been of great interest not only to nature scientists but to chemists and physicists too. The presence of impurities in natural samples and the ubiquitous variations in chemical composition may hamper the study of their physical properties but are an added value for geologists and material scientists. Huge database of chemical and structural data on minerals are now available, that may allow innovative research such as experience-based modeling and optimization of mineral properties and the recognition of mineral evolution in the solar system. This approach "from minerals to materials" avoids the trial-anderror method, often used in an exploratory synthesis, and may also be advantageous over computational predictions of thermodynamic stability that can be biased by inaccuracies of the computational methods.

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