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Carissimi Soci SGI,
Carissimi Soci Società Associate,

su segnalazione del Prof. Andrea Bistacchi (Università di Milano-Bicocca), vi inoltriamo il seguente messaggio per un assegno di ricerca della durata di 18 mesi.
Cordiali saluti,

La Segreteria

Dear colleagues,

we are offering one 18-months fully funded Postdoc at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DISAT) of the University of Milano – Bicocca (

The successful candidate will participate in a Joint Research Project between our University and Eni, aimed at the characterization and modelling of fractured reservoirs of geofluids – particularly CO2, H2 and geothermal fluids, which are becoming increasingly important in the ongoing energy transition (applications in Carbon Capture and Underground Storage, Underground Hydrogen Storage, Geothermal Energy, etc.).
The main goals of the project are to develop (i) innovative fracture analysis approaches, (ii) modelling workflows for realistic Discrete Fracture Networks (DFN), and (iii) modelling strategies useful to model hydraulic properties accounting for geological constraints.
We are looking for one highly motivated Postdoc with a strong background in at least one of the following topics: structural geology, quantitative characterization of fracture networks in the field and on Digital Outcrop Models, statistical and topological analysis of fracture networks, rock mechanics, numerical modelling (particularly of fluid flow and/or fracturing processes). The successful candidate will join a group of PhD students, postdocs and professors already covering all these topics, and an aptitude for multidisciplinary research will be considered a plus.

Candidates with any combination of the skills outlined above are encouraged to apply. The call, that will be open soon (a second announcement with the deadline will follow), will appear at:
The formal interview will take place on May 22nd at 10:00. The project has already started, so the successful candidate will be able to join us from July 1st, but a delay can be arranged in case the winner is completing some previous project, e.g. a PhD.
If you are interested or just curious, please contact Andrea Bistacchi ( for additional details on the research project, full time commitment, salary (ca. 1900 €/month net after all taxes, health care, social security etc.), etc..

Next week I will be at EGU from Monday to Wednesday, and this could be a useful opportunity to meet and discuss the project.
Please forward this announcement to your colleagues, students and whoever might be interested!

Best wishes,

Andrea Bistacchi