ECORD Training Course 2018 - The Virtual Drillship Experience


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È possibile fare domanda per partecipare all'edizione 2018 dell'ECORD Training Course "The Virtual Drillship Experience", che si svolgerà presso lo IODP Bremen Core Repository (Brema dal 23 al 27 Aprile 2018).
I dettagli sul contenuto del corso e sulle modalità di partecipazione sono riportati di seguito e disponibili alla pagina, da cui si accede all'application form online.

La scadenza per le application è il 15 Gennaio 2018.

The Virtual Drillship Experience
23 –27 April 2018
Bremen, Germany
deadline is 15 January 2018
Taking advantage of the unique and integrated facilities offered by the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR) and the MARUM Laboratories this training course will introduce the participants to life as a shipboard scientist, introducing shipboard scientific methods and work flow during a simulated drilling cruise. The focus will be on the practical aspects applied on the drilling vessels of the IODP program: the JOIDESResolution, the Chikyu and the Mission Specific Platforms (MSP; offshore or Onshore ScienceParty in Bremen.

The Training Course
As host to one of only three IODP corerepositories in the world– the only one inEurope – the MARUM in Bremen is an important hub for marine geoscientists. Taking advantage of this setting, the new ECORD Training Course will provide a "Virtual Drillship Experience" for scientists from academia and industry. This one‐ week course offers a basic training focusing on the IODP core flow procedures, preparing the participants for participating in an offshore drillship expedition, and instilling them with an appreciation for high standards in all kinds of coring projects. IODP‐style lab exercises will form the foundation of the ECORD Training Course following the pattern of the unique "VirtualShip" approach developed for the Bremen ECORD Summer Schools.
The training course will focus on:
  • Introduction to IODP and ECORD
  • Virtual shipboard work at BCR/MARUM: Physical properties ‐ core logging, Sediment visual core description and smear slide analysis, high‐resolution linescan imaging and color scanning, Biostratigraphy, Porewater acquisition and analysis, Hardrock core description
  • Introductory seminars to general shipboard activities: Core splicing and time‐series analysis, Downhole Logging Integration, Data Management.
  • Interactive session on defining drilling targets and strategies including drilling proposal writing.
The Participants
... will be early career and established scientists from academia and industry from all over the world who have an interest in scientific drilling and development of professonial skills in core analysis.

To apply, please, visit the course webpage givenbelow. A total of 30 participants can be accepted. Course fees range from €50 to €500. Travel, accommodation and meals must be covered by  the participants.
The application deadline is 15 January 2018.

Visit the Training Course webiste