Short Course - "The Principles of Hydrocarbon Recovery"

Società Geologica Italiana

Università degli Studi di Padova
Dipartimento di Geoscienze

Corso di Dottorato in Scienze della Terra

22-23 March 2017 (registration deadline 15 march 2017)
Dipartimento di Geoscienze
Via G. Gradenigo 6. Padova

REGISTRATION (max 30 participants):
Docente:  Prof. WOJCIECH NEMEC, University of Bergen

As all petroleum companies admit, their crucial internal weakness is a poor communication between the reservoir geology section and the production engineering section, which appear to be separated by a 'glass wall' when it comes to an efficient transfer of relevant information. The reservoir geologists in their reports – as in their earlier MSc/PhD academic theses – tend to focus on sedimentological and palaeontological/ichnological details justifying their palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the reservoir rocks, whereas these data are generally of little interest to the reservoir engineers, whose own main focus is on a different range of specific reservoir properties. Therefore, it is important for a petroleum geologist to understand the lanes of thinking of a reservoir engineer in order to provide relevant information, as it is ultimately the engineering production design – not palaeoenvironmental analysis – that facilities hydrocarbon recovery. In this respect, the geologist is merely in an information service to the engineer, and hence is obliged to supply useful information. This short course gives an outline of the reservoir engineer's ways of thinking in strict physical terms, and is meant to make the geologist aware as to what kind of geological information can be truly relevant to a successful engineering production design.


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