Congresso SIMP-SGI-SOGEI 2019 - Call for abstract Sessione P2 Mineralogical Crystallography and New Minerals

Società Geologica Italiana

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we would like to encourage your abstract submission to our session during the conference SIMP-SGI-SOGEI  "Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell'uomo: Le geoscienze fra passato e futuro" (Parma 16-19 settembre 20)

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Deadline sottomissione abstracts 20 Maggio 2019

SESSION P2. Mineralogical Crystallography and New Minerals

Conveners: Fernando Camara (UNIMI), Cristina Carbone (UNIGE), Federica Zaccarini (UNILeoben, Austria)

Crystallographic research is an important part of mineralogy. At the same time, the ever-growing mineral diversity in the Earth and the Solar System is testified by the large number of new mineral species (some 5.500), many of them described from Italian localities. Mineralogical crystallography is definitely a consequence of the evolution of the mineral kingdom. Yet, the crystallographic studies coupled with the composition of minerals are not only used to decipher the Earth's history but also have many applications in material sciences and technology. The session is devoted to the discussion of topics related to the crystal structure, composition of minerals and related inorganic phases as well as the description of new mineral species.

Keynote speaker: Luca Bindi (Università di Firenze) 

Keynote title: "Discovery of the first direct evidence in nature of the disproportionation reaction (3FeO → Fe2O3 + Fe) observed in experimental samples and predicted to occur in the Earth's lower mantle"