Biennial Prize 'Quintino Sella for the History of Geosciences' in honor of Nicoletta Morello and Bruno Accordi - Competition notice 2020


Società Geologica Italiana

In application of the provisions of Article 7 of the Statute of the "Prize":

Art. 1 - A competition is announced for the prize ""Quintino Sella for the History of Geosciences" – in honor of Nicoletta Morello and Bruno Accordi for the two-year period 2019 - 2020.

Art. 2 - The Prize, sponsored by the Banca Sella, consists of € 2.000. The winner will receive the membership to the Società Geologica Italiana for the year following the prize assignment, or the renewal if already a member. The Prize is conferred to the author of the best scientific paper in the field of the History of Geosciences, published on national or international reviews in the two years before the call. The Prize is indivisible.

Art. 3 - The Competition is open to all those who, on the deadline for the submission of applications, meet the following requirements:

  • under the age of 35;
  • are not tenured university professors.
Art. 4 - The application form must be submitted by self-certification, in which the general details must be reported, as well as the candidate's personal and residence data according to the format available on the Società Geologica Italiana website, and must reach the Segreteria of the Società Geologica Italiana by April 30th, 2020 accompanied by the following documentation on free paper:
  • the pdf file of the scientific paper presented for the competition (already awarded papers are not admitted);
  • the "curriculum vitae";
  • the list of any other publications of the candidate.

The documentation should be sent in pdf format to the following address

Art. 5 - The papers will be examined by a Commission of 5 members, composed as follows:

  • the President of the Società Geologica Italiana, or his delegate;
  • the Responsible of the Section of the History of Geosciences of the Società Geologica Italiana;
  • a tenured Professor or Researcher (from University or Public Research Institute) in Geosciences, designated by the Consiglio Direttivo of the Società Geologica Italiana;
  • an expert in History of Science, designated by the Consiglio Direttivo of the Società Geologica Italiana, not participating to the Prize;
  • a member designated by the Fondazione Sella or Banca Sella.

Art. 6 - The Evaluation Panel must draw up a report containing a judgment of the scientific papers submitted by the participants, with the motivated proposal for the awarding of the Prize. The report is published among the documents of the Società Geologica Italiana. The judgment of the Evaluation Panel is unappealable.

Art. 7 - The announcement of the winner and the awarding of the prize will take place on the occasion of the General Assembly of Members to be held in Trieste at the headquarters of the 90th National Geological Congress of S.G.I. in September 2021.

Roma, 31 marzo 2020

                                                                                  Il Segretario Generale
                                                                                         Alessandro Zuccari


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