University of Milano-Bicocca - PhD Programme in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences - Geological Sciences curriculum (a.y. 2020/2021): Call for applications


Società Geologica Italiana

We are seeking highly motivated candidates for the upcoming PhD Programme - Geological Sciences curriculum at University of Milano-Bicocca (deadline: 26th June 2020 at 12:00 pm - Italian time).
The PhD Programme in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences receives a variable number of scholarships every year. For the XXXVI cycle, five scholarships are provided to the Geological Sciences curriculum by the University and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (Dept. Excellence Project 2018-2022).
One scholarship is reserved to the project entitled "Integrating multi-platform remote sensing, fracture network modeling and historical data for rockfall risk analysis", carried out in joint supervision with the University of Lausanne (UNIL, Switzerland), where the PhD student will spend one year.
Four scholarships are available for potential research projects dealing with:
  1. Reconstruction and monitoring of recent paleoenvironmental variations with benthic foraminifera
  2. Assemblage variations of calcareous nannofossils to track the Plio-Pleistocene dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  3. Provenance analysis of modern continental to marine sediments using classical and innovative techniques
  4. Megathrusts at the front of the Penninic collisional wedge
  5. Open source technologies for 3D geomodelling
  6. Assessing correlations between climate-driven growth and decay of large ice sheets, sea level changes and magmatism
  7. Relations between active faults and fluid emission as a function of multiple tectonic, volcanic and seismic parameters
  8. Fluorcarbonates of Ca and Rare Earth Elements: Model structures for the study of polysomatism and polytypism and ore minerals for green energy applications
  9. Carbon enrichment and transport in the lithospheric mantle: characteristics and significance for the deep carbon cycle
  10. The dynamic mass transfer from slabs to the mantle wedge
Each project includes periods spent abroad in one or more research institutes. For further details, see the Call for Interest at: (Italian) (English)
Three high-level training apprenticeship contracts are also available. Two additional positions are reserved to scholarship holders from foreign countries.
The Call for applications can be found at: (Italian) (English)
For further information, mail to: Prof. Marco G. Malusà - (Responsible for the Geological Sciences Curriculum), or to Prof.ssa Maria Luce Frezzotti  - (Coordinator of the PhD Course)