Avviso Bando RTDA Università di Bologna - Environmental monitoring of mine tailings


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su indicazione del Dott. Paolo Garofalo, vi segnaliamo l'uscita di un bando RTDA dell'Università di Bologna per un progetto intitolato "Defining strategies for recycling and environmental monitoring of mine tailings at different scales: examples from the large to the small scales (Huludao Mo-Pb-Zn district – Northern China Craton; Libiola Mine – Liguria, Italy)"

Il finanziamento è a valere su fondi PON-FSE REACT-EU Green Transition.

Per maggiori informazioni si rimanda al testo di seguito riportato.

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Three-year post-doc position at the University of Bologna - environmental monitoring of mine tailings

We welcome applications by young and highly motivated scientists to contribute to a fixed-term 3-year post-doctoral research project titled
"Defining strategies for recycling and environmental monitoring of mine tailings at different scales: examples from the large to the small scales (Huludao Mo-Pb-Zn district – Northern China Craton; Libiola Mine – Liguria, Italy)"
funding scheme: PON- FSE REACT-EU Green Transition.

The post-doctoral researcher will work in a team of economic geologists, geochemists, and engineers from the University of Bologna, and with professionals from Italian and Chinese industries. They will also benefit from collaborations with scientists from leading national and international institutions.

The aim of this project is to develop a dataset and a best practice approach that makes technically-economically feasible and environmentally acceptable metal recovery from mine tailings of various sizes and origins. The successful candidate will contribute to developing new methods and/or guidelines to measure and quantify sustainable exploitation of mine tailings, including the formulation of standards and frameworks against which the industrial activities can be measured. Mitigation criteria against environmental risks will be also considered.

Applicants will have a PhD in the general area of environmental geochemistry of mine waste, and previous experience or knowledge of multi-disciplinary metalliferous ore deposit studies. Previous engagement in industrial projects, or work experience in the mining/environmental sector, will be considered favourably. The researcher will work as member of a team of multi-disciplinary researchers from academia and industry, and will carry out tasks autonomously in support of scientific research. The researcher will adapt and/or develop original experimental methods, concepts, or ideas in support of existing and future research. The project results based on the considered case studies will be extendible at different scales, from European to international level.

The applicant will be required to travel both within Italy (and possibly elsewhere in Europe) and in China. The position will be based at the Department of Biological, Geological Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna. Appointment will be at the Junior Researcher level ("Rtd Type a" according to the Italian law). A teaching duty of 60 hours per year (teaching language: English) will be required.
The corresponding brutto salary will be 50361 EUR per annum.

Project summary
a. The main study areas are located in the Liaoning province of China (Huludao district), in Liguria, Italy, and possibly elsewhere in Europe;
b. Mapping, assessment and sampling of mine tailings using a set of in situ and remote sensing techniques;
c. Estimation of mineralogical composition, grade distribution, and tonnage of mine tailings;
d. Identification of new quantitative methods and/or guidelines for sustainable exploitation of mine tailings;
e. Evaluation of potential mine drainage pollution, including NAG tests etc for acid generation resulting from weathering and oxidation of sulfide tailings;
f. Collaboration with professionals from industry and academia to evaluate environmental risks of the tailing areas and applicable mitigation criteria.

Requested qualifications
a. Experience in petrographic documentation of ore-bearing samples, and analytical work in a cleanroom geochemical laboratory
b. Experience in EPMA, SEM analysis, Raman spectrometry, and ICP-MS measurements of minerals and rocks
c. Experience in interpreting multi-disciplinary, geological and geochemical datasets from complex geological areas

Application procedure
Applications can be submitted only online by following the indications reported at the University of Bologna website (Ref. 6552. See "Attachment 41"):

Applications from female candidates are strongly encouraged.

Expected start date: End of December 2021
Application deadline: 03/11/2021
Fixed term for 3 years
Full-time - 40 hours a week

For further information please contact:

Dr. Paolo S. Garofalo
University of Bologna
Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences
Phone: +39 051 2094537
Email: paolo.garofalo@unibo.it