DEPThS: Field-based summer school on subduction forearc dynamics – second edition


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su indicazione del Prof. Marco G. Malusà (Università di Milano Bicocca), vi segnaliamo la seconda edizione della Summer School per dottorandi "DEPThS: Field-based summer school on subduction forearc dynamics" organizzata dll'Università di Milano Bicocca in collaborazione con ISTerre Grenoble, Università di Torino e Syracuse University

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DEPThS: Field-based summer school on subduction forearc dynamics – second edition

Dear Colleagues,

Registration for the second edition of the summer school "DEPThS: Field-based summer school on subduction forearc dynamics" (1-5 July 2022) is now open ( The course is aimed primarily at PhD students in the various fields of Earth Sciences and addresses the dynamics of subduction forearcs through a highly multidisciplinary approach, with particular emphasis on exhumation processes and the deep carbon cycle. It includes one day of classroom lectures in Milan and four days of field lessons based on geological, petrological, and geophysical observations along key transects across the Western Alps, one of the best-studied fossil subduction zones on Earth. Lectures will be held by geologists, petrologists, and seismologists from University of Milano-Bicocca, ISTerre Grenoble, University of Torino, and Syracuse University NY. During the four days of field lessons, students will interact with the lecturers while hiking and discussing in front of intellectually stimulating outcrops in the breathtaking alpine landscape.

The registration fee is 300 euros, and includes travel, board, and most lodging expenses for the entire duration of the course (see attachment for details). The registration fee does not include transport costs to reach Milan. Three free places are made available to candidates holding refugee status or coming from low-income or lower-middle income economies.

Scientific Committee: Marco G. Malusà (University of Milano-Bicocca); Stéphane Guillot (ISTerre Grenoble); Anne Paul (ISTerre Grenoble); Simona Ferrando (University of Torino); Chiara Groppo (University of Torino)

Application deadline: 9 May 2022. Contact: Marco G. Malusà (

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