FORAMS 2023 - Fieldtrip registration upcoming deadline


Società Geologica Italiana

Carissimi Soci SGI,
Carissimi Soci Società Associate,

su indicazione della Dott.ssa Giulia Margaritelli (CNR-IRPI), vi segnaliamo il seguente messaggio relativo al congresso "FORAMS - International Symposium on Foraminifera".

Cordiali saluti,

La Segreteria
Dear Colleague,
We would like to remind you of the approaching deadlines for the Congress FORAMS 2023.
28 February 2023: Fieldtrip registration. COMING SOON!
Please select the fieldtrip(s) you would like to join.
01 April 2023: Abstract submission and late payment.
Remember that after this date it is possible only the highest onsite fee, and you shall not be able to submit an abstract. Please don't wait the last day to pay and submit your abstract! Click here to read how to submit your abstract!
01 April 2023: Hotel reservation.
You may book your hotel at any time but the Hotel Giò (seat of the conference) will be most probably sold-out after this date.
See you in Perugia at Forams 2023!
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The Forams2023 Organizing committee