EGU 2024 - Call for abstracts session: 'Mercury Contamination, Assessment and Mitigation Strategies'


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su indicazione del Prof. Orlando Vaselli (Università di Firenze), vi segnaliamo la Call for Abstracts della sessione "Mercury Contamination, Assessment and Mitigation Strategies" organizzata nell'ambito dell'EGU General Assembly 2024 (Austria & Online | 14–19 Aprile 2024).

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EGU 2024 - Call for Abstract Session GMPV 1.2

Dear Colleagues,
the Annual Meeting of the EGU General Assembly will be held in Vienna & Online on April 10th-14th 2024. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their research and network with colleagues.

We would like to draw your attention and encourage you to submit contributions to the EGU session:
"Mercury Contamination, Assessment and Mitigation Strategies".
Mercury in its various chemical forms represents a strong neurotoxin with the potential to cause severe health issues in both humans and wildlife. Its widespread distribution in all the environmental matrices (e.g., soils, sediments, waters, plants, and air), deriving from geogenic and anthropogenic sources, along with bioaccumulation in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and long-term persistence, makes the occurrence of this element in the environment a global concern and a modern world challenge. The Minamata Convention required the participant countries to reduce, control, and (where feasible) eliminate the use and release of mercury in the environment. This proposal is aimed at outlining a comprehensive research plan to assess sources, transport mechanisms, and environmental impact of mercury, as well as proposing effective mitigation strategies to safeguard ecosystems and human health. In this framework, this session welcomes interdisciplinary studies and investigations dealing with: i) biogeochemical mercury mobility across environmental compartments (air, water, soil, sediment) with a special focus on mining contexts; ii) impacts of mercury contamination on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and assessment of its toxicity and concerns of these; iii) development of innovative sampling and analytical protocols  and monitoring initiatives activities aimed at identifying and assessing the impact exerted by different sources of mercury; iv) solutions for the proper handling and treatment of polluted areas to promote remediation strategies and plans.

Instructions for abstract submission can be found at the following website:
The abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 13:00 CET.

See you in Vienna! 

Orlando Vaselli, Federica Meloni, Elena Pavoni, Stefano Covelli, Pablo L. Higueras.