Earthquake mechanics: in situ, in lab and through models


Società Geologica Italiana

Venerdì 17 Febbraio ore 9:30
Aula 9 - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Sapienza, Università di Roma

Ore 9.30: The 2016-17 Central Italy seismic sequence:
a) Slip heterogeneity and directivity.
Elisa Tinti, INGV
b) Fault system and seismicity pattern evolution.
Lauro Chiaraluce, INGV

Ore 10.10: Nucleation of a dynamic instability on a rate strengthening fault induced by fluid injection.
Marco Scuderi, Sapienza, Roma.

Ore 10.30: Unstable slip events at 600 °C in simulated fault gouges from the Principal Slip Zone (PSZ) of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand.
André Niemeijer, University of Utrecht, Netherland.

10.50 Coffee break

Ore 11.20: Susceptibility of experimental faults to pore pressure increase: insights from load-controlled experiments on calcite-bearing rocks.
Elena Spagnuolo, INGV Roma.

Ore 11.40: Earthquake rupture dynamics in shallow poorly lithified sediments.
Nicola De Paola, University of Durham, U.K.

Ore 12.00: Effects of geometry and structure on rupture dynamics in subduction zone environments.
Antonio Scala, INGV Roma.

Ore 12.20: Alternative facts about fault strength (We have all the best earthquakes, really, they're great).
Pablo Ampuero, Caltech, USA.


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