Supereruptions, calderas and magma reservoirs


Società Geologica Italiana

The Italian Association of Volcanology - 2017 International Summer School for PhD students and Early Career Researchers

under the aegis of the IAVCEI Commissions on Collapse Calderas and on Volcano Geology

Title: Supereruptions, calderas and magma reservoirs

Location: Bolzano (Italy) [ 46°29'53.86"N; 11°21'17.13"E]; Nearest Int'l airports with easy train connections: Roma FCO, Milan, Bologna, Firenze

When: 25-29 September 2017 (arrival 24 afternoon/evening; departure 29 afternoon)
Main Topics: Large volume (VEI8) crystal rich ignimbrites offer windows on the plutonic roots of the major caldera systems on Earth and challenge our understading of pre- and syn-eruptive configurations of eruptible magmas, as well as of the rheological behaviour of the crust in respose to the associated long term and short term deformation. The course will offer two days of frontal lessons on the cutting edge topics around the physical volcanology and petrology of superignimbrites and three days in the field discovering the amazingly well preserved and well exposed sections across the Permian Ora ignimbrite (>1290 km3), from intra-caldera to extra-caldera facies.

Organizers: Guido Giordano (Uni Roma Tre), Federico Lucchi (Uni Bologna), Giuseppe Bargossi (Uni Bologna), Corrado Morelli (Provincia Bolzano)

Guest Lecturers: (to be confirmed): Kathy Cashman (Uni Bristol), Guil Gualda (Vanderbilt Uni)

Provisional cost: 550 Euros (includes accommodation, food and transport during the school. Travel tickets to and from Bolzano are not included and must be arranged independently by each participant).

Deadlines: As this year most of us will be keen to go to the exciting IAVCEI Assembly in Portland and possibly attend to the field excursions there, we understand that it will not be easy for many to find money for more activity abroad; for this reason we do need a realistic expression of interest in this school by the end of April to go forth with the organization. The school will be held with a minimum of 20 students. For expression of interest, please contact or Visit also the AIV website at

Additional Information: Under the umbrella of the recently signed Agreement between the Italian Association of Volcanology and the Volcanological Society of Japan, Japanese students are welcome with a 10% discount rate

Travel to and from Bolzano: by train direct from Roma Termini (Frecciargento) takes 4h30min; departures at 8.45 (13.14); 10.45 (15.14); 16.45 (21.14); 17.45 (22.14); return from Bolzano: departures at 5.16 (9.45); 7.16 (11.45); 15.16 (19.48); 17.16 (21.45)

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