Short course - Fundamentals of acquisition, processing, interpretation of photogrammetry data sets from outcrops


Società Geologica Italiana

Milano – 8-9 Giugno 2018 - Short course (2 cfu)
Università degli Studi di Milano
Corso di Dottorato in Scienze della Terra (PhD, Earth Sciences)

Docente: Jeroen Kenter (Total, Pau, France)

To train participants to the basic understanding and skills for:

  • Framing goals for 3D acquisition of outcrop analog object
  • Designing footprint 3D photogrammetry acquisition of outcrop analog object including ground control points (GCP)
  • Executing 3D photogrammetry acquisition using standard camera or drone
  • Processing of photos with or without GCP and generation of mesh with RGB textures at different densities
  • Interpretation of resulting 3D objects: e.g., stratal surfaces, faults, measured sections, painting of lithofacies, restoring structure
  • Publishing and sharing results
Course content
  • Principles and goals of photogrammetry
  • Acquisition goals, design and process
  • Processing principles and results
  • Ground control points:acquisition and recommendation
  • Examples and pitfalls
  • Practical exercises
  • Software
  • Acquisition software (e.g., PIX4D, DJI GO2)
  • Processing software AgisoftPhotoscan
  • Inspection Software (e.g., CloudCompare, Mesh)
  • Interpretation software VRGS (UniManchester)
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